About Phoebe



BA (Hons) Fashion Degree Course | Norwich University of the Arts


“Hi, I’m Phoebe!

Honestly, fashion wasn’t always my dream, but I have always been arty. Although I had studied textiles at college, I originally attended university open days to study a more academic course, yet I found myself time after time being drawn into the design rooms and listening to their talks instead! This journey led me to Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) where I am now in my final year of a Fashion course, and I don’t ever want it to end.

My work creates a middle ground between fashion and the arts, resulting in conceptual pieces which combine an array of fabrics, textures and colours. This mixture of elements isn’t often seen in the menswear industry, who are less likely to wear bright colours and clashing textures, and so I think my work has a humour in it; that I am putting my designs on men that are perhaps more well-suited to women.”

Kenza wearing PHOEB01

Kenza wearing PHOEB01


A bit more about Phoebe


“I never stop experimenting with materials and I always try to find a new way of doing things to make my research and work into sustainability that bit more interesting; from using recycled foam and rubber rings to using natural towelling in previous projects, for example.

Nature is often my source of inspiration, and during my second year at NUA I was lucky enough to take part in the Erasmus scheme, and so off I flew to the far away island of Reunion to study for six months. This was the best decision I have ever made, and looking back it is the colours of the sunsets, the tropical plants and ocean life as well as the textures of the volcanic rock and the skyline of mountains that all come together to inspire my work this year.

The biggest driving force behind my work, however, will indefinitely be sustainability. Seeing what we are collectively doing to this planet, specifically the to the oceans, terrifies me. To coin a phrase from environmentalist Al Gore, it is an Inconvenient Truth and deeply saddening that the industry I want to be a part of is the second biggest polluter of our world and it makes me ashamed to be entering it. However, I am positive that the fashion industry, with much innovation, investment and collaboration, can be re-branded to be a conscious industry that works in tune with the world. This is my mission.”